Fine Art Photography of New Mexico

About Tye

My professional career as an accountant in the home building industry was a successful one of 23 years, and like many professionals I looked to the arts for personal creative fulfillment.

My love of photography started in 1999 when I purchased my first real SLR camera, and my admiration of the photograph as an art form grow into a passion to create my own work.  I had no formal training in photography and limited access to a darkroom.  After several years of trial and error with film I had made little progress towards making a print worth hanging on a wall.  Then came the digital revelation in photography and in 2005 I purchased my first digital SLR camera.  I quickly grasped the digital process, and that allowed me to focus my energy on the artistic process; finding the light, and arranging the compositional elements to create the story.  Photoshop, a tool I understand, made post processing an exploration of the creative ideas to refine my vision.

Living in New Mexico provided me with a limitless creative canvas to explore and every season creates another chapter of a story. After several years I had built a collection of work from my many trips around Northern New Mexico, and in 2009 I started selling my work at art shows and couple of small galleries.  My passion for photography became admiration from patrons, and the reward was acknowledgement that my work was worthy of hanging on the wall.  More recently my professional career in home building ended, and I’ve made photography my second career.  I love to share my knowledge in what is one of the most dynamic art forms.


Tye Hardison


If you have questions or wish to inquire about my work please contact me.